• Uses a 12 inch ball, towel and hand weights

• Features both Seated and Standing Exercises

• Total running time: approximately 56 minutes

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The Sit and Be Fit COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Workout is especially beneficial for those viewers with chronic breathing problems. The focus of this workout is to help you get the most out of each breath through a variety of both seated and standing exercises, emphasizing postural alignment and breathing techniques. This full body workout, designed by Mary Ann Wilson, RN, uses a 12-inch ball, a towel, and hand weights. These exercises are accompanied by a variety of motivating music, making them both fun and functional, and most importantly improving your quality of life. (Released in 2010)

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 Seated Warm-Up Exercises 5:00
 Seated Breathing Exercises 4:00
 Seated Lower Body Circulation Exercises 2.30
 Seated Body Patting and Tapping Exercises 3:45
 Seated Circulation Exercises 3:30
 Seated Flexibility w/ Ball 4:30
 Seated Towel Exercises 3:15
 Seated Weight Exercises 4:10
 Seated/Standing Leg Strengthening Exercises 4:00
 Seated/Standing Stretching Exercises 4:40
 Bonus Seated Flexibility w/ Ball 3:30
 Bonus Seated Exercises 8:00



COPD Workout, Community Organization Category




COPD Workout, Health and Fitness Category
Caution: Individuals with severe spinal kyshosis due to osteoporosis must use caution or avoid exercises where the knee is brought up to the chest.  Hip fracture patients and those with balance problems would also benefit from this video.

Caution: Total Hip Arthroplasty patients must be aware of the precautions and avoid movements that bring the knee toward the chest or crossing the knees may compromise their hip replacement.


  1. Leana McNealy

    Every time I work out with this video I feel GREAT!! I recommend it for anyone who not only has COPD but needs to slowly get back in the swing of things.

    Thank you so much. 🙂

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