•A collection of routines compiled from the #900 public television series.

•Released in 2008


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The Sit and Be Fit Season 9 workout is a collection of routines compiled from the Sit and Be Fit #900 public television series. Program Host, Mary Ann Wilson, RN, integrates up-to-date research and creative choreography to provide a general workout that motivates viewers to make exercise a part of their daily lives. Her warmth effectively reaches out to all fitness levels from the physically frail to physically active. Sit and Be Fit programs are designed to balance out the body and focus on core strengthening, flexibility, balance, strength, agility, circulation, and range of motion with an emphasis on proper breathing and postural alignment. (Released in 2008)

Click here for YouTube video demo.

Workout Breakdown:

Seated Warm-Up 3:20

Seated Circulation 3:20

Seated Circulation #2 3:10

Seated Circulation #3  4:15

Seated Towel Exercises 2:00

Seated Towel/Finger Exercises 4:45

Standing Leg Strengthening Exercises #1

Standing Leg Strengthening Exercises #2

Standing Stretch 2:05

Seated Relaxation 4:05

Link to Add Large Ball, Link to Add Towel, Link to Add Small Ball


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