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By Mary Ann Wilson, RN

Whether you are put on hold or you are at the other end of a lengthy telephone conversation, you’ll find you can put this time to good use in your everyday life or your workplace by doing arm and shoulder exercises. Telephone exercises are not only for your posture, but will also help relieve tension in the upper back.

With the telephone in your right hand…

1) Stretch left arm out in front (at shoulder level) and extend wrist.
2) Raise arm overhead and push palm to ceiling.
3) Lower your arm straight out to the side (at shoulder level). Keep arm outstretched and rotate palm up and down.
4) Swing the arm forward and back.
5) Bring arm down and circle it out from shoulder.
6) Bend elbow and bring hand behind back. Reach as high as you can up your back and hold for three seconds.
7) Place hand on shoulder and circle the elbow.
8) Take arm back, out to side, and rotate palm down and up.
9) Reach behind your head for an imaginary zipper just below where the neck and back meet.
10) After reaching for the imaginary zipper, walk fingers down the back as far as possible, pointing the elbow toward the sky.
11) Roll shoulders.

Place the telephone in your other hand and repeat the exercises.

Whether you’re a busy executive, a harried homemaker, or overworked student, remember to try these exercises the next time you’re on the telephone, and you’ll get more than conversation out of your next phone call!!

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