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“Your program has become a daily requirement for me.  It has made a real improvement  in how my 89 year-old body feels- my posture is better and I feel stronger and I think it has helped with arthritis also.  Best of all I never feel sore just more relaxed.  Keep up the good work. !!!!”

Yvonne B. 

“Thank you so much for Sit and Be Fit. I am 79 and have now been participating in your program for over three months!  I enjoy everything about it – the wide variety of gentle exercises and music; your directions, explanations and reminders; the lovely pictures of the countryside and your gentle tone of voice and encouraging manner.

Sit and Be Fit is at 5:30 am in Hamilton Ontario and I eagerly get out of bed to participate.  I do not have to buy special clothes or equipment for it, nor brave frigid and icy weather to join in!  Afterwards, I just pop back into bed, have a cup of tea and read the paper till 7 am.  I only wish I had known about Sit and Be Fit years ago. ……My knees have advanced arthritis, my spine and hips are also arthritic. Since starting Sit and Be Fit, I often think about my posture and sometimes find myself doing an exercise or two at other times of the day.  I am so thankful for your program, because I want to be active and independent for as long as possible.

At the end of each session when you say “Keep reaching our for a better day”, I find myself smiling and saying out loud “Thank you!”  Sit and Be Fit is a wonderful start to my day!  My sincere and heartfelt thanks!”

Pam P.  Hamilton, ON Canada

“Just a card to let you know how delightful and wonderful your program is. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and it really has been a great help to me. I tune in on KCSM every day if possible. Best regards and thanks.”

Gloria B. Daly City, CA

“KQED (San Francisco) has dropped SIT AND BE FIT from its program. I am devastated. I found your program so very helpful. I have rheumatoid arthritis. It is the only exercise program I have found that I could use. I have protested to the program director. When I called this morning, I was the 20th person who had called today with the same concern.”

Kathryn S. Sonoma, CA *Due to unprecedented viewer protests, KQED put SIT AND BE FIT back on the air in less than one week.

“I participate in your program daily on PBS and appreciate your thorough approach and easy pace, a perfect combination for my age and physical problems (60 with arthritis in thumbs and other joints). As I am a registered Physical Therapist, I think that your program would be very helpful to seniors everywhere. I hope to buy some of your tapes to give to friends and family members who do not have the benefits of your program in their areas. Thank you for your wonderful caring program.”

Marilyn P. N, OK

“I am 72 years old with arthritis. I am grateful to you for devoting your efforts to help people like me reduce stiffness. With your help we are benefiting daily.”

Rosalind L. Deerfield Beach, FL

“We spend 6 months in Florida every winter and were so fortunate to discover your program. I am 67 and have arthritis in my knees so bad. Really felt your exercises helped so much. I feel as if I will fall apart without your exercises this summer. You are mighty precious. Miss seeing you every day already!”

Helen B. Louisville, KY

“My dear Mary Ann and All Who Make My Life Easier (since getting involved with your exercise program): I have rheumatoid arthritis with severe hand deformities. I only regret I did not have this teaching earlier. I did retire from Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, where they had a great O.T. and P.T. Department but no Sit and Be Fit or Mary Ann Wilson. Every person on your staff deserves much credit. May you have as much happiness as you bring to others.”

Lois C. Yucaipa, CA

“I caught you great exercise program and I’m deeply grateful. As a would-be-active 82 year old arthritic (toes, neck, back bottom of thumbs), I have found that OS-CAL, vitamin C, etc. alone cannot do what correct exercise does. Carry on! I shall be a regular in your TV class.”

Babette S. E. Oak Park, IL

“Dear Mary Ann Wilson: Just a little note to tell you thank you for Sit and Be Fit. I have bad arthritis in my legs and back. I don’t get out too much. but I look forward to Sit and Be Fit. I have high blood pressure, 160 over 90. Since I have been doing the exercises my blood pressure went to 147 over 80. My legs seem a little stronger also. My friend and I usually exercise together. I am 71 and she is 75. We love you. Don’t ever leave us.”

Eleanor and Mae Chicago, IL

“Due to spinal and bilateral knee arthritis I have had to change my exercise habits. Until I became familiar with your program I did not exercise on a regular basis. As a 51 year old R.N. I realize the importance of regular exercise and your show has enabled me to begin a regular program. Exercise has become easy and a joy through your structured routines.”

Susan D.V. Shorewood, WI

“Many thanks for the pleasure you afford me every morning as I exercise along with the PBS program Sit and Be Fit. It has been of immense value to me in a healthful sense. I have arthritic problems and entrance to the local therapy units are virtually impossible, as the waiting list is ad infinitum. I sincerely hope that this letter will reach you personally to let you know how much you have helped me. I wish to thank all the persons connected with this presentation, and companies involved. Thanking you and your PBS stations for their wonderful work.”

Douglas A. Lachine P.Q. Canada

“I have used your Sit and Be Fit tape for 18 months. I have graduated from a wheelchair to a walker to a pronged cane and now a regular cane. At 82 I have arthritis. Thanks to your tape I have learned to stand and to walk. I can vigorously follow Sit and Be Fit daily. I bless you every day as I set my TV to start your tape.”

Helen R. Long Beach, CA

“I am only 59 years old and have very bad osteoarthritis with deteriorating bottom vertebrae. This (Sit and Be Fit) kind of exercising helps tremendously! Other exercises can be too dangerous for an elderly person like me.”

Mrs. Shirlee R. Kanarraville, UT

“I want to tell you how much Sit and Be Fit has helped me. Two years ago I had arthritis in my knee with severe leg cramps. I did Mary Ann’s exercises and have had no leg problems since. This past summer I broke my ankle and was in a cast for three months. When I started therapy with the doctor, I got back to Sit and Be Fit and found that Mary Ann was doing most of the exercises that I was supposed to do. I have told many of the wonderful program! The music is fun, she uses all the muscles and we don’t strain. She encourages – but reminds us that we are individuals with different limits. I am 69 years of age and realize that moving and stretching is the key to life. Thank you so much!”

Dorothy M. San Jose, CA

“I am 72 years old with arthritis. I am grateful to you for devoting your efforts to help people like me reduce stiffness. With your help we are benefiting daily.”

Rosalind L. Deerfield Beach, FL

“I am 73 years old and I think this is the first ‘fan letter’ I ever wrote. But I just must tell you how much I enjoy your Sit and Be Fit program. I think it could even be called the Sit and Be Fit and Benefit program. I am not in too bad of physical condition, except for some stiffness from arthritis. Thanks for your helpful and inspiring program!”

Mrs. Dorothy B.Seattle, WA

“I have a muscle over my left hip and across the back that at times becomes very painful. In addition my right knee is arthritic almost to the point of being incapacitating. Since doing Sit and Be Fit, strengthening the muscles and loosening the joints has lessened the frequency and the severity of pain in both places! Thanks! Your personal, pleasant attitude makes the program easy to ‘digest’.”

Naomi Knepper St. Petersburg, FL

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