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Exercises to Prevent Leg Cramps

By Mary Ann Wilson, RN

If you’re bothered by leg cramps during the night, let’s look at some exercises that could help prevent them!

Try this combination of exercises:

• “Walk Toes”: Keeping the feet on the floor, alternately lift only the toes and then drop. Repeat several times.
• Keeping the heels on the floor, alternately lift the rest of the foot and then drop (alternating toe taps).

• Ankle circles – Right 4 times, left 4 times. (Repeat with the other leg.
• Toe out (forward) – heel in (point. & flex touching floor) 4 times.
Repeat with the other leg.
• Heel out (forward)- toe in (flex & point touching floor) 4 times.
Repeat with the other leg.
• Press the toe into the floor. then dig the heel into the floor 4 times.
Repeat with the other leg.
• Touch the toes of both feet (“pigeon-toed”) onto the floor, then
touch the heels alternately 4 times.
• Finish up with calf stretch and hamstring stretch.
Repeat with the other leg.

In addition to the above exercises use these tips to help with leg cramps.
1. Be sure you stretch the calf muscles before and especially after walking.
2. Drink plenty of water during the day.
3. Eat foods containing potassium every day, such as bananas.
4. Do any other exercises that will increase circulation in the legs.

If you watch TV in the evening, do a full set of exercises during the last commercial break before bedtime, then repeat the exercises just before you turn in. These simple steps should help relieve leg cramps. Now, you are ready for sweet dreams, without a visit from Mr. Charley Horse!

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