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Gait Training Exercises

By Gretchen Wilson

Sit and Be Fit’s BET course (Balance Enhancement Training) is designed especially for senior fitness instructors to help students improve balance and gait. Below is a an excerpt taken from the gait training section in the BET manual.

Anatomy of Gait Training

At each phase in the gait cycle the body is controlling COG (center of gravity) over BOS (base of support) in unique ways. It is helpful to break gait mechanics into phases:

1) Gait Initiation

2) Gait Swing-Through

3) Double Leg Stance

4) Single Leg Stance

5) Symmetry (step and stride length)

6) Cadence and Step Continuity

7) Gait Velocity

8) Pelvic Strength and Rotation

Specific gait training exercises can be practiced to strengthen each phase of the gait cycle.  Balance can be improved by increasing gait strength and building awareness of proper body mechanics. For sample exercises, click on the links above. For more information about the BET course, email [email protected].

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