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“I had my 90th birthday in May and I attribute my good health and ability to move and walk so well to you.  I’m greatful that both KWSU and KSPS carry your Sit and Be Fit- that is the reason I contribute to those two public television stations.  Thank you for your program.”
Jeanne R. Saint Maries, ID
“I just want to thank you for the DVD you sent along with the Posture Exercises.  That was so very kind of you and I know the DVD and exercises will be very beneficial for me.
I always watched the Sit and Be Fit program on OPB every morning and I hope that when I can get another TV your program will continue to always be shown because it helps the body and mind.  I find it to be the very best in every way.  Thank you for producing this excellent excellent program!”
Holly G.

“KQED (San Francisco) has dropped SIT AND BE FIT from its program. I am devastated. I found your program so very helpful. I have rheumatoid arthritis. It is the only exercise program I have found that I could use. I have protested to the program director. When I called this morning, I was the 20th person who had called today with the same concern.”

Kathryn S. Sonoma, CA *Due to unprecedented viewer protests, KQED put SIT AND BE FIT back on the air in less than one week.

“Just a card to let you know how delightful and wonderful your program is. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia and it really has been a great help to me. I tune in on KCSM every day if possible. Best regards and thanks.”

Gloria B. Daly City, CA

“I participate in your program daily on PBS and appreciate your thorough approach and easy pace, a perfect combination for my age and physical problems (60 with arthritis in thumbs and other joints). As I am a registered Physical Therapist, I think that your program would be very helpful to seniors everywhere. I hope to buy some of your tapes to give to friends and family members who do not have the benefits of your program in their areas. Thank you for your wonderful caring program.”

Marilyn P. Norman, OK

“A few months ago, I was surfing the channels on TV, and found SIT AND BE FIT on WYCC channel 20. your program has brought me better physical and mental attitude. I’ll keep on watching you, and you keep up the good work…you are my friend, and help.”

Edna Y. Blue Island, IL

“I have been following your program of Sit and Be Fit for over two years on WXCL CH. 42. I wish to tell you how wonderful Mary Ann Wilson does the exercises for us those of us that have disabilities (me). I have osteoarthritis very bad in all my joints. I am 84 years old. I can’t express my gratitude for this program enough! It helps me tremendously and I pray that you will be able to keep it on.”

Helen R D. West Palm Beach, FL

“About a month ago, I turned on an IPTV and found the program Sit And Be Fit. Since then I have been exercising with the lady on the program, and I have to admit I feel much better, and have more energy. Because I am a Senior Citizen, I do not wish to kick-box, climb stairs, nor do jumping jacks. I really want to Sit And Be Fit. Saturday, I arose to find only a half hour program on Sit And Be Fit. I would be interested in having this program on for an hour at least three times a week.”

Wilma A. Baxter, IA

“Thank you Sit and Be Fit and KCSM! The present series is excellent. I am trying to regain strength after hip replacement surgery and Mary Ann Wilson’s exercises are a great help.”

Helen K. Oakland, CA

“I’m working for a complete recovery after a car accident and I thank you for being on PBS. Keep up the good work.”

Catherine M. Trail, BC

“We have written to our local station manager requesting your program be returned to TV. We miss you so very much. It is the only type of exercise I can do. It is delight to exercise with you. You are so very lovely.”

Lacy Brown, Specialty Advertising Plant City, FL

“Concerning the “Sit and Be Fit” program. It is the best thing that has happened to exercise programs in a very long time and I am unhappy that it is now 4 days instead of the normal 5 days. Few of us enjoy exercising alone and the fact that Mary Ann Wilson makes you feel that she is in your home – it’s like actually exercising with someone. She is terrific and I think the program is not only enjoyable but most helpful to thousands. I know of no other exercise program that comes even close to it.”

Mollie C. Edmonton, Alberta
I moved from Portland to Pendleton, Oregon. In Portland when I was at home, I would watch you daily on KOPB. Now, I catch you Tues And Thurs.
You kept me motivated. I walk daily, if there isn’t a blizzard raging, and use moderate free weights: hex dumbbells There are lots of fitness shows available. SABF is my personal favorite. Well keep up the good work.

Faithful fan, John S.

I would like Mary Ann Wilson to know what a wonderful show Sit and Be Fit truly is.  She has so many different exercises to keep all our parts limber.  I start every weekday with this show on Channel 12.3 , a Denver PBS program.  Thank you Mary Ann, you are keeping many of us alive.

Elaine T.   Colorado Springs, CO

I have really enjoyed doing the Sit and Be Fit exercises with you each morning on our PBS station at 8:30.  Even though I am active 73 year old the exercises you do are very beneficial to me because I don’t always use those muscles.  I really appreciate your positivity and when you say “Fantastic” or “You did it” I feel I have accomplished it. I really enjoy the music that you pick, I don’t know how you find it, but it’s wonderful and so much fun to exercise with.  The Exercise we did this morning were made in 2015.  I’m so glad you are still doing them.  You seem like a friend because we get to exercise together and it is so much fun and I really enjoy it.

Diane W.   Yoder, IN

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