This season focuses on building postural strength and core strength. Includes a Tai Chi episode with fan favorite guest instructor, Tino.


The exercise band is a natural latex rubber band, 6 inches wide and 4 feet long, used by physical therapists and fitness professionals.

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The Season 18 DVD Box Set contains all ten half-hour, closed-captioned, episodes from Sit and Be Fit’s Season 18.

Each 27-minute session features a full-body workout designed to strengthen, stretch, improve balance and overall functioning of the body. These programs are upbeat and lively and highlight a variety of fun movements and music. Seated versions of the standing exercises are demonstrated by Mary Ann’s daughter, Gretchen. One light exercise band is included. 

Episode Descriptions:

#1801 Muscle Isolations: Mary Ann focuses on building a strong core with muscle isolations that target the pelvic floor. She dedicates the circulation segment to her young fans. The workout progresses through movements that stretch and strengthen the entire body including exercises for the eyes. Dr. Emily closes the program with a relaxation tip to reduce anxiety and pain. Accessories used: towel, band

#1802 Grow Strong Effortlessly: Mary Ann begins this workout with gentle functional exercises using a ball to improve posture and strengthen the core. Slow methodical movements with weights are incorporated during the strengthening segment. Things speed up with a variety of exercises to improve circulation, range of motion, mobility, and balance. Dr. Emily shares four simple tricks to improve balance. Accessories used: weights

#1803 Head To Toe – Tone, Stretch & Strengthen: Mary Ann uses a large ball to warm up the body and a small ball to exercise the fingers. A towel is used for stretching. Gretchen leads a circulation segment incorporating brain exercises and later in the program shares balance strengthening exercises. The episode ends with a visual relaxation segment. Accessories used: weights

#1804 Pulse, Press, Pull-Up: Using small pulses, presses, and isometric contractions to strengthen muscles in a gentle way, Mary Ann introduces a variety of new movements targeting different muscle groups and joints throughout the entire body. Gretchen leads a finger segment that challenges the brain. Standing exercises focus on improving gait, balance, and mobility. Special attention is given to the pelvic girdle and pulling up on the muscles of the pelvic floor. Accessories used: band

#1805 Warm Up, Circulate, Strengthen & Stretch: This episode begins with a warm-up dedicated to a young Sit and Be Fit fan followed by a circulation and weight segment. Mary Ann introduces new exercises using a ball to improve dexterity and proper body mechanics. Dr. Emily shares 4 balance exercises and Gretchen leads a relaxation segment. Accessories used: weights

#1806 Functional Feel-Good Exercises: Diaphragmatic breathing takes center stage for the first 5 minutes of this episode followed by a lively circulation song that will wake up your feet. Mary Ann introduces towel exercises to strengthen postural muscles and improve range of motion. Dr. Emily shares an exercise to mobilize the ribcage to improve gait and mobility. Mary Ann’s granddaughter, Maddie, leads a flamenco segment and Gretchen finishes with a brief relaxation. This workout will leave you feeling good! Accessories used: towel, band

#1807 Breathing, Posture, and Balance: Mary Ann begins this functional workout with an emphasis on breathing exercises. A towel is used to improve tactile stimulation, grip strength, and wrist flexibility. Guest instructor, Toni, leads a weight segment to strengthen postural muscles and Gretchen leads a balance routine. Mary Ann finishes the workout with stretching and relaxation. Dr. Emily leaves viewers with a brain game exercise for balance. Accessories used: towel, weights

#1808 Exercise Potpourri: This workout is jam-packed with a variety of exercises to strengthen postural and core muscles; improve balance, mobility, and range of motion. Mary Ann introduces finger and wrist exercises with a small ball to improve grip strength. Tai Chi practitioner, Tino, leads a Tai Chi segment. Dr. Emily shares stretching mobilization exercises to improve gait and mobility and Mary Ann finishes the workout with feet exercises using a small ball. Accessories used: weights

#1809 Core Strength and Yoga Inspired Exercises: Yoga-inspired exercises are woven throughout this gentle workout. Mary Ann focuses on exercises that emphasize extension, stretching, and core strengthening. Dr. Emily shares a brain game exercise to help improve balance. Accessories used: large ball, band

#1810 Fun Exercises for the Core and More: Mary Ann kicks off this lively episode with a variety of core strengthening exercises followed by a fast-paced circulation segment. A small ball is used to improve grip strength, reaction time, and finger dexterity. Weights are utilized to target muscles of the core, arms, and lower body while a large ball is used for standing balance work and pelvic mobility. Gretchen leads a stretch segment using a towel and Dr. Emily closes the episode with a balance homework exercise. Accessories used: weights


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