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Hamstring strength is important to good balance.
Sit and Be Fit TV host, Mary Ann Wilson, RN, shares an exercise to improve hamstring strength.

Hamstring strength is important for good balance.

The hamstrings are made up of 3 separate muscles: the biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus. Here’s an easy way to work this muscle group from a seated position with a resistance band.

Before you begin, tie the ends of an exercise band together in a knot to create a circle. It’s best if you have 2 separate bands to work with so you can leave one tied together and near a chair (preferably one you spend time in daily). Easy access encourages use. The hamstring strength exercise I’m about to share is simple and can be done regularly while you’re watching television or working at your desk. Make it a habit to do several exercises a day using your band.

Hamstring Strength Exercise

1) Begin by moving to the front of the chair with feet firmly planted on the ground.

2) Place the resistance band under the arch and over the instep of one foot.

3) With the other foot, pull back underneath the chair against the resistance of the band.

4) Repeat 4-8 times as tolerated. Relax and repeat on the other side.

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