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Sit and Be Fit Host, Mary Ann Wilson, enjoys a trip to her favorite bakery, Moio's
Sit and Be Fit TV Host, Mary Ann Wilson, enjoys a trip to her favorite bakery, Moio’s Italian Pastry Shop, in her hometown, Pittsburgh PA.

By Mary Ann Wilson, RN

I love going back to my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to visit my family and Italian roots. No trip is complete without swinging by my favorite Italian bakery, Moio’s Italian Pastry Shop which has been in operation since 1935. I remember how excited I was as a child going there.  I still relish the experience! From the moment I walk through their front door my eyes and nose feel like they’ve gone to Heaven. After spending at least a half hour examining each and every delicacy, over and over, it’s time to select a hearty collection of treasures to take home, including my all-time favorite, Lady Locks – a version of the traditional Cannoli. I literally dream of Moio’s. My mouth waters just thinking about it!

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “Mary Ann, aren’t desserts and fitness in opposition to each other?” Not really. Here’s how I feel about it. By denying yourself your favorite comfort foods you generate a negative mindset of “don’t” and “cant”. This automatically sets up an inner struggle.  As we all know, when we’re told not to do something we really enjoy, our minds can think of nothing else!  It’s counterproductive. There’s no reason to deny yourself occasional indulgences. That being said, we all know we can’t over-indulge  or we’ll grow in places that may put us right out of a wardrobe. It’s all about balance.  If you enjoy an occasional trip to the bakery or ice cream shop, go ahead and give yourself a special treat. You deserve it! Oscar Wilde said it perfectly, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” And, P.S. If you can’t help feeling guilty after that sweet treat, pull out your favorite Sit and Be Fit DVD and spend a half hour exercising with me!

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