Mary Ann wilson, RNHere are some great hand and finger exercises for anyone managing the condition of neuropathy. For more information on neuropathy, click here.

Beginning position: These exercises can be done from a seated position. Move to the front edge of the chair and firmly plant the feet on the ground. Take a moment to get the body into good postural alignment with the shoulders back and down and spine lengthened. For more posture strengthening exercises, click here.

Hand and Finger Exercise #1 – Touch the pad of the thumb with the pad of the index finger. Move the index finger down to the base of the thumb. Repeat twice with the index, middle, ring, and little fingers in succession.

Hand and Finger Exercise #2 – Place palms of your hands on your lap. Lift index fingers twice, and tap your lap. Repeat twice with each finger in succession.

Hand and Finger Exercise #3 – Clasp your hands loosely together. Circle your thumbs around each other.

Hand and Finger Exercise #4 – Roll a 2-4 inch diameter ball between your hands and up and down each finger. This exercise stimulates the receptors in the palm. Practicing these exercises daily would benefit those managing neuropathy.

Hand and Finger Exercise #5 – Touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, making a circle. Stretch the hand open. Repeat with the middle, ring, and little fingers in succession.

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