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By Mary Ann Wilson, RN

The lymphatic system is a much ignored network that runs through your body and acts as the body’s cleansing system, flushing out toxins.  When the fluid running through the lymphatic system grows sluggish a back-up of waste creates an environment where diseases can easily take root. What keeps the lymphatic fluids moving? You guessed it, exercise and movement!  Light massage also helps stimulate lymphatic flow.

Massage for Lymphatic Health

With a very light touch, stroke down the sides of your neck SLOWLY.Begin at the top and stroke down towards your collarbone. Lift your hands off your skin between the stroking movement. Repeat 20X.  Next tuck your fingers into the soft tissue above your collarbone and VERY GENTLY apply a small bit of pressure and release 20X.  Keep you fingertips resting on the skin between pulses.

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