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Sit and Be Fit TV host, Mary Ann Wilson RN

Here are some great foot and leg exercises for anyone managing the condition of neuropathy. These exercises can be done from a seated position. Move to the front edge of the chair and firmly plant the feet on the ground. Take a moment to get the body into good postural alignment with the shoulders back and down and spine lengthened.  (For postural strengthening exercises, click here.)

Foot and Ankle Exercise #1 – Keeping heels on the floor, lift your toes off the floor, and tap them vigorously. Repeat as many times as tolerated.

Foot and Ankle Exercise #2 – Keeping heels together and on the floor, lift your toes off the floor as high as possible. Turn toes out, and put them back on the floor. Your feet should form a “V”. Lift your toes again, bring them together, and put them back on the floor. Repeat as many times as tolerated.

Leg and Ankle Exercise – Straighten one knee, lifting the leg an inch or two off the ground. Point and flex your foot and ankle 5-10 times. Circle the ankle clockwise then counter clockwise 5-10 times each. Repeat on the other leg.

Foot Somatosensory Exercise – Roll a small ball (such as a tennis ball) underneath one foot for several minutes and change feet. This gives the feet a great “self-massage” and stimulates the receptors on the bottom of the foot. Those managing neuropathy would benefit from doing this exercise daily.

For more information about the condition of neuropathy, click here

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    1. Sorry to hear that. Did the exercises work for you? I was just diagnosed with neuropathy in my foot and going for nerve conduction Friday . I thought all my foot issues were from a severe bunion but it’s the neuropathy. Unless somebody else has this pain… They have no idea .

      1. I tried everything for my ideoathatic neuropathy, I have had it for 4 years now and so afraid to put my feet on the floor in the morning because it hurts so bad. My quality of life now slowly going, as I can no longer work (semi retired ) but need to supplement my income since these meds and dr. Visits are not inexpensive. You are right, unless you have had it, you have no idea how excruciating this pain can be. I have bought so many pairs of shoes, orthotics- podiatrist- neurologists- accupunture-the list goes on and on….Best of luck to you all!

      2. I have neurophathy really bad, I’ve had for 10 years. It’s the worse thing that can happen to a person. I can’t hardly walk anymore. It’s totally taken over me life. I have no life because of it. I’m just starting the exercise.

  1. My cancer docs since I’m in recovery gave me drugs for my neuropathy but nothing else. These exercises look like something I can do to hopefully ease the effects of neuropathy. So yes, thanks.

  2. Yes the exercises are easy. I just discovered this web site but have added it to my Bookmarks as I most definitely will be back to look around as it appears there is a whole “lotta” good information beside these tips for foot exercises for neuropathy. Blessings to all who come this way.

  3. just discovered you today. had a bad situation where mylegs and arms would not function.went to emergency.they did not tell me about the exercises so dear old google came through for me

  4. I’m going to try these exercises hoping that it will relieve the neuropathy pain. It’s so severe and unbearable I will give anything to get rid of this pain. Thank you.

  5. I believe I have nerve damage in my thigh/calf area. Tomorrow I will find out. My leg was throbbing and I accidentally flexed my foot a couple of times. I did it again because it felt better. The throbbing went away. At least for now. So I googled it and you are here! I googled it because I thought it was in my mind that it felt better so I wanted to see if that was possible. I’ve been in pain for 2 years so it’s hard for me to trust something that might work. I see now it really did help. Going to try your exercises.

    1. Hi John,
      Sorry for the delayed response. There are so many variables involved with neuropathy that we don’t feel comfortable making any recommendations. We suggest you talk with your doctor about walking guidelines for your particular situation, both the frequency and distance.

    2. I was told by my doctor not to run, the only fear was of falling. I am suffering very severe neiropathy from recent chemo treatments. They just as well told me to jump off a bridge, I have been a runner all my life and this is devastating for me. I have been trying to walk but the pain overcomes. Hopefully some of these exercises will bring me back to at least a walk, and dog gone it a slow run someday!! Thank you for posting these.

  6. I thought I was the only one who has this complaint. I feel so much better reading other people’s problems. I have been going to the gym for last 18 months daily but my neuropathy has come on during that time, but could have been worse. I would think. I am 86 and was in a wheelchair 2yesrsago.

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