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Foot Massage

By Mary Ann Wilson, RN

It’s not surprising that an estimated 70 percent of our population has foot problems. The feet are a part of our anatomy that we tend to ignore. Although the feet are capable of adapting to almost any function, we generally assume that they can continue to perform without special care. That just isn’t so!

We can relieve tired, overworked feet with a relaxing massage! The feet have an abundant supply of nerves – over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot – and so they respond well to a massage.

Besides being relaxing, a foot massage will increase circulation and the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

– Separate toes, using one finger.
– Roll toes between fingers – from base to tip – gently slide off.
– Run down top of foot – using thumbs – starting at separations.
– Massage both sides of heel – find soft spot – either side ankle.

– Brush neck of toes and feather stroke toe pads.
– Thumb walk on bottom of foot – from heel to toes.
– Place hands over toes and pull back and forward.
– Squeeze foot with both hands.

You can keep your feet healthy and relaxed by giving them some special care. Don’t forget to be good to yourself and your feet this week!!

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